So I go see a counsellor and…

Ok. Trying not to feel hugely contemptuous of the very nice lady I just saw to help try and get my depression under control. 

It’s a problem when you’re so highly educated in various psychology concepts that everything the poor woman suggests I’ve already done. I’m exercising, eating well, not drinking too much, my sleep is ok and I’m not worried about it, I’m preparing job and post doc proposals. I’m being active and proactive, not reactive. 

She’s going to try CBT with me. How about she get me a job? That will make me feel better. Not some bullshit psychology approach that is actually not designed for people like me. 

When I say people like me I’m referring to those who actually engage in reflective thinking on a day-to-day basis. I’m in an existential malaise here, made worse by boredom and lack of intellectual stimulus. I’m not sure she understands what that is. 

I need someone smarter than me. 


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