About Jessplainsong

Jessplainsong writes, thinks, sometimes sings, and teaches. She has successfully completed a PhD and is wondering what to do next. She loves her dog Poppy and her cat Lucy and her three chookies, Iolanthe, Euphemia, and Josephine. She has a long-suffering husband and a short-suffering series of children. You can read about her family matters in the blog sometimes.



10 thoughts on “About Jessplainsong

  1. Hello Jess, I would really like to speak to you about your music education to see if you have any advice for a struggling artist (myself). Please visit my blog and take a FREE download of love is enough.

  2. Hello, you seem like someone whose inner world I wouldn’t mind hearing about, especially as it pertains to writing and the magical mystery tour that is life. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!

      1. Actually, would you be interested in doing that? I am looking for ‘my audience’ and also discerning, intelligent writers with a concept of craft to share critiques with…I’m at that stage of writing where it has fully taken hold and I am keen to learn as much as I can, not just about my own writing but from others’ writing too. You can email me at my blog if you think this would be something that you would like to do. I have a very long/loose/latitudinal sort of time frame and time line with writing so it’s not a pressure based thing.

  3. OH, in case that sounds like it’s ‘all about me’, I actually like reading stories, no wait, I love well-written stories and nothing would give me more pleasure than to suggest or prompt another writer to find ways to develop the best in their stories.

  4. Hi Jess, thanks for visiting and following my blog. I sometimes sing as well, particularly while in the car (I must look like such an idiot, but I love it). Music inspires my writing so much of my writing. Is your PhD in music?

    1. Hi Janna, yes, my PhD investigated cultural habits of tertiary based classical singing teaching and learning. Happy to find your blog, looking forward to reading it!

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