Doctor, Doctor, give me the news!

And the news is…drumroll…

I am now a Doctor of Philosophy. Apparently I was conferred last week. Who knew?!

I just got the letter today asking me to confirm my mailing address. And to pay my long-overdue library fine. In the same letter. Different paragraphs. But only just.

The subject line was: Clarification of address for RHD Testamur, Transcript and AHEGS. Nothing about conferral of my degree, for which I have been waiting 10 days.

But the first paragraph reads: Congratulations on fulfilling all requirements to be awarded your Doctor of Philosophy degree.  Your conferral date is 27 February 2015 (this being the date that your award was signed off by the Provost).

Gee, thanks for that.

Then they say in the next paragraph: I note that you currently have an outstanding library fine. It would be in your best interests to pay this fine as soon as possible. Failure to pay may affect future applications to the University.

Erm, not sure what I would be applying to the Uni to do – I’ve done the highest student study I can do – the only thing I have left is a DECRA or some sort of Post-Doc (not bloody likely).

Then they request confirmation of my address for sending out of testamurs etc.

Ta da. I guess this means my student days are OVAH.

And now for my next trick: watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.




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