Misery guts

I’ve been a bit of a misery guts lately. Something to do with not having anything to do bar go to work teaching singing 4 days a week, and feeling too shitful to clean the house or make nice crafty things. 

Because now that I’ve finished my PhD and am legally entitled to be called Dr, I’ve realised I’ve been studying for about 10 years. I started my Masters in 2005, finished it mid-2007, then began my doctoral studies in 2009.

While I’ve had time off during this time, it’s never been a study-free event. I’ve always had something to THINK about. Now, with an uncertain future yawning ahead of me, I ask myself, what the hell do I do now? What do I think about? 

So because I need to have a goal and currently I’m just doing what I’ve done for 8 years anyway, I’m thinking why did I bother doing this degree? What earthly use was it to me when I’m still doing the selfsame shite I was doing before?

On the up side, DH bought me a gift from Tiffany’s. As a congratulations. Not a cheap gift, but lovely. Bracelets and earrings. May never take them off.  


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