Car salesmen and things that might be a little bit bullshit.

You’d think buying a new, reasonably expensive car would have bells and whistles attached to the negotiations. Clear, transparent dealers, clear terms and conditions, a clear understanding of when the vehicle is due for delivery, an open, clear approach.

Nada, zip. I feel as if I’ve been in that “Griswold’s family vacation” scene where their new car is not as the contract states. (I hated that scene: you’ve signed a contract for a particular vehicle, so you should get that vehicle or the dealership could reasonably be sued. Now I see why the Griswold scene of their old car being crushed is so appalling. Because it’s true.)

We’ve had to get heavy with the dudes, man. NO, we DON’T want the extended special warranty and the other special doohickey and thingamajig because if my husband dies it’s ok. I’ll be in mourning, but I’m pretty sure his life insurance covers these things. No, don’t give us all the bells and whistles: give us the bare bones deal. We’ll cope. Surely these cars are supposed to last at least 5 years.

Yes, we want our all cow interior. Yes, we want Sat Nav that you will have to install yourself because the car we’ve ordered doesn’t have Sat Nav factory fitted. If it can’t be voice activated because of a weird wiring thing, we still want the reversing camera that you people claim COMES WITH THE SAT NAV. And yes, we want tinted windows. Oh for Pete’s sake, throw in the car mats too and some bloody petrol!

Ok, rant over. We’re getting a perky little VW Tiguan 2014 2.0 TSI white SUV with all cow interior, sat nav, reversing camera and tinted windows. Because 3 weeks ago I drove my husband’s car and the steering wasn’t working too well. Nor was the clutch. I was afraid. For my life and his. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m not sure about that steering at all.

2014-volkswagen-tiguan-r-line_100415066_sIgnore those alloys. Our wheels are smaller. And I’m not sure there’s chrome on the roof racks. Anyhoo. It’s nice, sporty and fast, and feels luxurious and is as good as our last car in terms of mpg and all the usual enviro things (look, we’re a 2 car family, and we need cars in this state as PT is appalling). So we’re hocked to the eyeballs, but it’s ok. We’ll manage. As long as I pay all our debts. Argh!


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