Saying goodbye to Facebook

I use FB to keep in contact with friends and family, and I see it as an integral part of my life communication. But the time has come, friends, for me to stop. I have a PhD to finish, and I’ve been spending too long surfing the net, not doing my PhD at all, rather, I’ve been chatting to FB mates, reading interesting articles about nothing in particular, and generally wasting time.

Is there grief at saying goodbye to something integral to my life since moving to Queensland in 2007? Perhaps, and now my daughter is engaging with the site I worry that I will not be able to connect with her in the way I had always hoped.

But I’ve contemplated this for months, and now that I am at full time PhD land, it’s time to get off the time-sucker that is FB. So, this morning, I deactivated my account. Before I could change my mind. And it feels strangely good – freeing. There may be a few withdrawal symptoms though. And I didn’t tell anyone.

Swift and deadly. If people want to contact me, they can. Via email. Or telephone. Or text. Or letter. So, time it is, to say goodbye. Goodbye Facebook. Hello world.


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