Working in PJs

I’ve discovered a sad, sad thing about myself: if I want to do any meaningful work during the day, I need to sit at the computer as soon as I get up and start working. No shower, no dressing in clean clothes: just a toilet break, coffee and PJs. Clearly I work from home.

It becomes a bit tricky when it comes time to teach, as I frequently sit in my PJs until my students are nearly due, then dash about having a shower and getting dressed in the space of about 15 minutes! And eating? Well, that’s my break at about 11.00am.

Why do this? Well, if I ablute, eat breakfast and THEN sit down to work, I find I’m less productive. Simple as that.

So today, I woke at about 7.30am (bless my hubby for not waking me as he left today – I’m exhausted!), read the paper in bed, then hung some clothes on the line, went to the loo, made a coffee, and sat at the computer at about 8.15. I next got up at 11.00am to have brekky. I’ve noticed this approach is a real bonus when I’m trying to get into writing flow. I tend not to take too many breaks when doing this and it’s great for concentration, if not my body.

Now it’s 1.00pm, and I’ve worked solidly on a range of projects. I’m off to eat lunch now, shower and dress, and the afternoon’s work prior to teaching my final students for the year will be more process stuff, preparing songs for the Showcase concert I’m giving on Sunday, finishing the book that’s long overdue, and planning Xmas gifts. Plus list writing. I love to create lists. As you can see.

But that PJs thing: wow, it’s a real thing, you know.


4 thoughts on “Working in PJs

  1. Jess nothing wrong with working in pj’s. And I am more focused & productive if I dont do the shower routine in the morning. eg yoga today. Get up, yoga gear on body, cup of coffee while getting DH ‘s brekkie. Take something with me to eat & yah on time!!! If I shower & poodle along my day doesnt start till 10am’ish.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hey jess. i found your blog on the www, i am a student who makes the master thesis. i have just 5 weeks to go. but i am really motivated after reading your daily doings and to-dos and plans and how you manage your tasks.
    so please write more motivating things.
    greetings from germany

    1. Hey V, welcome! Good luck with your thesis – I’ll keep my ideas coming. It’s a bit hard at the moment as the rest of my family are on holidays, but I’m trying to maintain the work! Cheers, J

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