Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee I’d invite you to take your pod espresso out on the spa deck overlooking the tennis court. Because, folks, we are AWAY at a lovely country retreat with a spa and a tennis court and a deck and a spot for Poppy the Groodle. It’s quiet and the birds are singing. Yesterday we sat in the spa and drank champagne while Poppy barked desperately at us because she doesn’t like the spa engine noise. Funny girl. 

It has been a shit week, folks, and I’d rather not talk about it, so here’s some super positive news: my bff has gone and got herself a dream job on the coast! 

So very happy for bff. Her working life has been, like mine, an uneasy mish mash of casual and part time Uni teaching and research work, and she was despairing of ever getting that tenure track lectureship. But huzzah, she was called up and offered a newly vacant job on the spot, because she was  appointable at a previously unsuccessful job interview at the same uni.

SO proud and pleased for my awesome friend. I’ll miss our regular lunches when she and her family move to the coast but it’s the right step for her, career AND family-wise. 

And it’s an excuse for me to travel to the coast more often. 😉

So the nearly ideal jobs keep trickling in. 2 at my uni of choice: one is a truly perfect-for-me tenured lectureship that will be hotly contested, and the other is a 2.5yr part time research position. I know I’m a serious contender for either but jobs are scarce and the competition fierce. 

I want the lectureship very badly. It’s in my areas of interest, and it’s promoting research teaching. I’d be totally awesome at this. I love research. I enjoy teaching it, and I enjoy finding out stuff. 

But the other job would also be awesome. I’ll take either, but obviously if it were a choice I’d go lectureship any day. So onwards with the key criteria….


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