Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee, or, as an old friend used to call it: a brew (something keenly satisfying about calling it a brew. It can mean tea, coffee, a beer or alcoholic beverage, and no one need be any the wiser), you’d notice I’ve gone for the 2nd cup already. Had a poorly sleep last night and in the end gave up and watched 3 episodes of Daredevil. 

I’m a bit concerned by why I’m not sleeping and I’m beginning to think it’s about the amount of alcohol I ingest. Last night we had friends over for the first time in a year (amazing what a good stove will do), and over 5 hours drank about 2/3rds of a bottle of champagne. So not very drunk but pleasantly merry. Ate a truckload of pan-Asian food, even a fabulous ginger cake I had baked for dessert, so I shouldn’t have had trouble sleeping. But trouble I did! So I’m blaming the grog and am planning a little April Abstinence month. (And back to the gym for me, ugh).

It’s Easter Sunday and the weekend has been a solid one. Family, friends, cooking, baking, doing chook things, trying to revive the herbs that aren’t getting enough sun. It’s been relaxing and calm. Today we head southwest for a night in the Granite Belt, a lovely overnight stay away from the madding crowd. 

I hope your Easter has been delightful! Here, have an egg.  



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