Friday Fictioneers: Larger than Israel.

plane by melanie-greenwood

(Photo prompt courtesy of Melanie Greenwood)

It was beautiful. Long, sleek and gleaming white against the cobalt sky. It looked like a shark.

“Where d’ya get it?”

“Oh, friend of a friend of a friend of mine.” Anna, laconic as ever, was ambiguous.

“It’s a bloody Lear Jet. Shall we?”


Up we flew. The cattle station spread out below like a great red carpet. Far below I saw the homestead, tin roof glinting.

“Jeez, Anna. 2 helicopters not enough, now you need a plane too?”

“Well”, said Anna, “To get from one end of the property to the other was taking too long by car.”


(100 Words)


(Margaret Range. Image Copyright 2012

[Anna Creek Cattle Station in South Australia is the world’s largest; its area is roughly 6,000,000 acres (24,000 km2; 9,400 sq mi) which is slightly larger than Israel.]


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