It’s raining here in hot, steamy Brisbane. The last time it rained like this in January we had such severe flooding that insurance premiums went up by 50%. I jest. Actually, it was a pretty rough time for many Brisbane residents whose homes and possessions were destroyed by flood and now I’m hoping our council’s flood mitigation plans are well in place!

brisbane rain

It’s been raining a solid 24 hours, and there’s no indication it will stop any time soon. The clothes on the line are sodden – I might have to give up and re-spin them and dry them in the dryer. I hate doing this as it’s normally so hot here the sun dries them in 30 minutes when line-hung. But we’re at the time of year when mould and mildew becomes a problem. If the clothes aren’t dried properly they start to smell once stored away. I’m thinking I might have to MacGyver (or life hack, not sure which) some moisture soakers for my clothes drawers. Charcoal is not my preferred home hack!


I love the rain, and I like the lowered temperatures it brings. It’s cool enough here for me to wear long sleeved t-shirts! (that’s saying a lot, usually in January I just want to be completely nekked. Now I understand why people wear thongs – flip flops – and mu-mus in tropical places). Once the rain stops, though, the steam starts. It’s like being in a sauna without an exit door. By April I’ve gone bonkers.

So in things to do on this cool, rainy Summer’s day: I’ll make some home-made muesli. I’ll cook Brownies. I’ll do that washing thing. I’ll buy some groceries. I’ll watch another episode or 4 of season 7 of the West Wing. I’ll finally start compiling my tax (groan).


It’s a slow news day here today.

(Quick edit: Just discovered 2 of our plastic storm water pipes have come adrift from their other pipes due to the intensity and speed of the rainfall and are pouring water onto the concrete garage floor – we have a high-set Queenslander and it’s basically an outdoor space under the house. The water just pours out into the garden and it’s not as weird as it sounds. Now a trip to Bunnings awaits for some plumbing glue or whatever it’s called. Sigh. But what a great opportunity to also buy some fresh herbs to plant in my long dead herb garden – I’m so sick of buying cut herbs and having them go off in the fridge.)


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