Thoughts on Goodreads

I’ve just joined Goodreads.


(photo courtesy of Goodreads)

For want of something better to do with my time. The website’s a little confusing, working within genres the way they’ve laid them out. I’m actually affronted by the Chick Lit genre term. Do they (book marketers) have a Man Cave genre Just For Men too? Huh? I’d quite like a genre for Author nationalities as I’m trying to plough my way through some Australian literature. Maybe they do this. And how about sex of the author? Although given my new-found experience of not determining self through gender binaries maybe that’s a rabbit hole not to go down. Anyway, I’ve not investigated the site properly yet.

Also, I never actually COUNT the books I read – I don’t really care all that much. But this is probably a good opportunity to reread and rate the ones I’ve already read and will read this year – keeps my reading catalogue on track. But herein lies another problem. I’m a voracious reader most of the time. If I read just one book a week that’s 52 books a year. That’s actually rather expensive in Australia, with the average paperback book about $25 new – $1300 a year.

I could (and DO) buy ebooks but I actually find them rather annoying to read unless I’m in bed without the light on, or travelling. And don’t get me started on library books. I am the world’s worst library book returner. I’m not going there again!

And, in the end, do I really want to catalogue my reading like this? As a researcher who reads up to 8 articles a day at times, it’s tiring, doing filing. My catalogue of books, also known as a library, is actually on my actual real-life bookshelf. (Shelves). In full view. Of me.

Anyway, I’ve set myself a goal of reading 50 books this year. Not a stretch. Now just to remember to do it!

Happy reading, everyone.



6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Goodreads

  1. It helps you from reading really bad book because they got ratings. I usually go there & type top 10 must read books in psychology and select only those with near about 4 avg. ratings with at least more than 500 votes. It’s kind of help in that sense, IMO.

  2. I use it to keep track of books that people have told me I MUST read, then instead of wandering aimlessly around in book stores or libraries (shhhh..sorry) I just check my Want To Read ‘shelf’ at Goodreads and there’s my list.

  3. What Data said. My favorite thing about Goodreads is being able to save books to read for later. Yes, I could probably accomplish the same with a list on my iPhone, but I just liked the nice layout 😀 Plus after I read one I like, I can more quickly add everything else to read later by that author.

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