Flash Fiction #2 The Baci Promise 

Baci kiss water tower

(Photo prompt: Sonya-Only 100 Words)

It looked like nothing less than an ugly green Baci chocolate sweet, skulking and toad-like on its tall wooden frame.

She laughed. “What on earth made you bring me here? What a ridiculous place for a date!”

“I wanted to show you the water tower. There’s a reason”.

“Which is?”

“This”. He leant over and kissed her.”I made you a promise, didn’t I”?

In his hand was a small box. She opened the lid. There, nestled alongside a silver wrapped Baci chocolate kiss, was a diamond ring.

“Sweets for my sweet, darling, and diamonds are forever. Will you”?

And the ugly green Baci water tower suddenly looked like the most beautiful place on earth.



118 Words.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #2 The Baci Promise 

  1. The Baci chocolate does look like the water tower photo! Very similar to our “Hershey’s Kisses.” I loved your story! I love happy endings 🙂 I’m so glad you found your way to this challenge. WELCOME!!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m enjoying the challenge after many months of receiving the photo prompt and never doing anything about it. I’m trying to up my narrative writing so it’s a lovely way to get back into it. Thank you!

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