And another thing…

Crusted in paint dust, every so often I sit myself down to apply for another job or two. None now in my state, but hey, my ex-supervisor sent me one for a really interesting gig in Georgia, USA.

So I’m applying for that, because I want to live in one of those amazing Georgian homes that I see in Country Life. Kind of. It has a TURRET!

georgian home

I always feel better when I have a goal in mind. Today I’m better. One day at a time. Trying not to throw myself a massive pity party but my depression seems to be very attacky and it’s hard to see the light at times.

And another thing: I REALLY REALLY want to go see the new Star Wars movie but I can’t until I’ve finished my painting for the day. Which means I can’t even watch TV or read the paper because spoilers.

And another thing: did I mention my hubby is awesome? I love him heaps. However I need Xmas gift ideas for him because we are in the enviable position of literally not needing anything. He and I are each looking at each other wondering what we can get that will satisfy his and my urge to GIVE stuff, but not be so expensive or cheap that the other person will give the sneery look:

sneering child(photo by makelessnoise)

Seriously, we have no needs and few wants. If we want something we usually just go and buy it. And our current want/need is a bathroom WIR that is being finished as we speak. Given that we are a little tight with funds right now (that job thing I mentioned), and given also that our anniversary is right between Xmas and New Year (way to bulk up the gift giving in one scary week), I suggested he and I go away for a retreat overnight. I need a massage and some pampering and so does he. Maybe we just need a nice pamper experience together.

Hmm. That’s a thought.

Here’s a song for you. The Briar and the Rose by Tom Waits. I love the beautiful brass chorale at the start of this extraordinary rendition. It’s how I feel about my man.





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