The agony of job seeking

This is a thing. An actual thing. Job hunting in my field is near impossible, but worse than that there’s a whole list of things I need to do to be competitive. One of them is to write a big long list of key criteria that you can meet.

My latest effort is 4500 words long. This is on top of a weekly updated CV (what can I say that’s different? Well, for starters, depending on the job I either want to highlight various aspects of my career or hide them. This has to be done with each job I apply for so that I look as employable and a good fit with the role as possible).

Then there’s the cover letter – a “pick me, pick me” if you will of why I deserve to be considered for the post. My DH says very few people actually read this section thoroughly however it does have to pass the HR department.

The job I’m currently applying for is a fixed three year term academic teaching post, and not at level B. But now beggars (me) can’t be choosers, and in all other aspects it looks like a fantastic fit for my eclectic musical history and skills.

The horrible bit is that if I don’t get considered for the role then I fall apart. I have no way of managing my disappointment in these instances. None. And as I get further and further into unemployment my prospects diminish even more.

This is the hard bit. And this is the bit that makes me wince, even as I submit my forms and cross my fingers that at last I might be considered for the job.

The worst bit of all is knowing that I might have to leave the state to pursue the career I’ve wanted for a long time, and once again have a long distance relationship with my husband, who struggles without me at the best of times. This fills me with despair.

Which is why I’m so miserable.


4 thoughts on “The agony of job seeking

    1. Not sure what you mean by that Bruce, but I thank you for your support! I’m having a tough few months and throwing myself a massive pity party so my posts these last few months have been very whiny. I’ll get better. Promise.

  1. You know the thing about job hunting is that I actually like the administration of it. The planning, the writing, the thinking. I’d rather be doing this for my Post Doc, though. Anyhoo, back to painting.

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