I bin gon’ fer a bit

Went overseas, didn’t take a computer and I really hate typing on my phone, so no blog post for ages. Sorry, not sorry. Actually, I AM a little sorry I didn’t blog while away. So much interesting, good stuff happened and I really wanted to write about it but my fat fingers don’t work on mini screen and my eyesight is getting worse. So I gave up and played computer games instead because that’s what you do when you’re in Europe having a lazy holiday in the south of France and northern Spain.

I had a family holiday in the north of Spain and the south of France. For more than 3 weeks. Do I feel lucky? Hell, yes. Am I tired now? Hell, yes. On arriving home Tuesday morning at 1.30am after 30 hours in transit we rolled into bed at about 2am (get this, we put ALL our stuff away, unpacked our bags, made the bed with fresh linen, played with the dog, because our house looked so clean and gorgeous we wanted our stuff not to get in the way and make us feel bad in the morning. Who does that? WTF?). I slept through to about 1.00pm, so caught up on all my missed sleep during the flight, then went and taught yesterday because I was at my most awake between 4pm and 10pm.

Living in Australia is great, right, but OMG the travel. I hate flying economy to and from anywhere other than south east Asia. I finally worked out what it is, apart from the cramped seating and no lying down. It’s the chairs. They are so high off the floor that I have no purchase for my feet. Consequently my feet swell and I get cramps from trying to literally hold myself in the chair. For much of the flight I sat bolt upright, too, because I have a bad back from driving for 3 days solid. I stick a damn pillow in the small of my back and I must look really dumb but it’s the only way I don’t feel utterly crap. Oh well, first world problems, as they (trolls) say.

Now, of course, I was unable to sleep much last night because jet lag, so I’m in bed about to attempt some more shut eye before I teach this afternoon.

So, in some nice news, my article was published, huzzah – http://rsm.sagepub.com/content/37/1/123.full.pdf+html

Not much other news to report other than I had inquiries from four prospective singing students, which is good because I need the money to pay off the debts from the holiday.

And the holiday? Well, I was in the south of France and northern Spain. You figure it out. 😉


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