Facebook is a mind sink

About 18 months ago I left Facebook convinced it was preventing me from working on my thesis. I finished my thesis so I think that’s a causative relationship! 

Went back on the other night to try and locate my angry, frustrated, ill trans daughter who is screaming at the world. While I couldn’t connect with her I was able to find out where she is staying, so all good there. She’s safe and with friends.

Then I thought I’d have a look around on Facebook and see what is happening there.

Omg Facebook is a mind sink. Sponsored ads, people’s lives curated just so with photos of babies, cat videos and dog pictures. Nothing has changed. I think I’ll leave again. It’s nice to see what friends are up to but the nonsense I have to wade through just to see their news is totally boring. Also, the same old memes keep coming up. I saw some particular ones several years ago and there they all are again. What a waste of time.

If someone wants to chat to me they can call me on the telephone. Seriously. 

Rant over!


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