Grumpy old ladies

Probably closer to sad sad ladies. 

Birthday last Thursday. Old. Bit depressed. Mid life crisis definitely in full blown mode. But before I could celebrate my age-related birthday misery 2 things happened to others that exceeded my misery by a factor of about a billion to one. 

A student’s parent attempted suicide that morning (unsuccessfully). My poor student was not really in a good place upon cancelling the singing lesson in order to go to the hospital where said parent was recovering. Shaking and tears. Poor lamb. The parent should recover with the appropriate care and help.

Then, during a lunch date, a good friend of mine told me she had recently separated from her abusive, mentally ill husband. But given she now has to deal with the separation shit, plus going back to work in a crappy hateful job that in no way makes use of her impressive academic research skills, plus dealing with his crazy, she is seriously depressed and miserable. I would be too, if I were in her position. 

Sad, sad day. Then, on Friday, Malcolm Fraser died. Totally awesome week all round. 


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