Cranky pants

Look, just a little bit cranky. I’m tired and my head is reeling after a rather long day teaching (9 students each for an hour); then my boss wants me to teach students from 8:20 in the morning from next week. Voices just aren’t good at that time. Nor am I when I teach until 7. So I’ve got to rethink my teaching days. Not really very happy, Jan. 

(Not happy, Jan, is from a long ago ad about advertising in the yellow pages. Now obsolete given we have Internet and twits. Therefore saturation coverage. The catch phrase is from a woman as she sticks her head out the window to yell at her employee for forgetting to place the ad in the yellow pages: “not happy, Jan!”. My favourite comment. Along with other wonderful Australian gems: “straight to the poolroom”; “you’re terrible, Muriel”, and “tell him he’s dreaming”.)

Time for bed and grumpy heads.


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