It should be winter. But it’s not.

Oh, God I feel ill. Not seriously ill. I’m not feverish. Particularly. But the mild cold I’ve been fighting has morphed into a full-blown head cold with sneezing, snotting, coughing, hacking and spluttering symptoms. I have a stuffy and itchy nose, eyes are scritchy, and I’ve not yet had a shower because tonight we have to go to the theatre and I have preparations to do and may as well do them all at once. So I feel thoroughly grotty and yuck.

After a shitty night not sleeping well I then slept until 10:30. Woke up when the dog barked at me to let her out. She pooped inside anyway because she didn’t want to go out in the rain. Serious rain, not mild rainy rain. Subtropical rain storms. Flooding.

We’re on the edge of a cyclonic cell and while we missed the wind we got all the rain. So on a day when it’s usually 28 degrees Celsius, sunny and humid, it’s 22 degrees, miserable and humid. It’s a day designed for lying about in one’s pyjamas, in ugg boots, rugged up in blankets. Except it’s still too hot for ugg boots and blankets.

So here I am, lying about on the couch with a cold and a slight headache, in my Jim jams. All about me are discarded tissues, ginger tea bags, leftovers from lunch, tv remote control and DH has gone out to find me soup. Chicken soup. Bless him. Tv watching has been terrible and I am terribly bored. But this is a designated doona day and it’s a perfect day to feel sick and miserable.

I’m about to give in and take some cold and flu tablets. Then we’re going to the theatre. Post function after. DH and I have a shorthand for these: I just ask him pre- or post? Sometimes it’s both. Gah. Not tonight, though.


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