Bought gym stuff.

Back on the diet and exercise treadmill, so as a pre gift to my hard work and perseverance I bought a bunch of new gym gear. I needed to. DH reported my clothes didn’t lose their smell after washing. Ugh. Plus my clothes were old and ugly. Normally I don’t care about my gym clothes because, well, sweat. But now gym clothes are sexy and considered “day wear”. So I made the extremely difficult decision to drop a few hundred bucks on some brand new gym wear. One brand is breathtakingly expensive but I bought lots of their stuff because it looks nice and is an Australian brand. Then I went to Target and bought 2 tops there that looked identical for one third the cost. Then I went to Adidas and bought a gym bag. And then I put all my new clothes in the gym bag. And then I packed mini toiletries in the gym bag because I’m slightly ocd. And now I feel like a proper sporty bitch because I HAVE THE GEAR. Now to lose another 9 kilos.


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