Well, (you know, I’ve learned I frequently begin my sentences with “well”, or “so”, and I keep removing them so it doesn’t become boring). Let’s start again. Well. I met with my supervisors today and my thesis is, wait for it, drum roll… FINISHED!!!!

I uploaded the final documents with the corrections to the E-space. Sometime tomorrow the grad school will send on the corrected thesis to my supervisor, who has already seen the document (circular, much?), and then my supervisor plus other important people will sign something that says, yep, this thesis is fine, and then someone else will sign the conferral document, the grad school may read the changes too, they will sign the conferral document, and then, a maximum of 10 days after this, I will become a Doctor of Philosophy.

I dare not add the doctor moniker to my name until it is conferred, but I really really want to. When I renew my passport (to be done quite soon because Europe) I’m definitely adding it. When I’m introduced to my new students by my boss I’m definitely making him add it. Because I think I’ll be conferred pretty soon – like, in 2 or 3 weeks. And the Graduation ceremony is in late July, blessed be, so I won’t miss out on it while I’m away in Europe.

It’s all good. And now: cake. Well, ok, no cake, but I’ll walk the dog and feel virtuous and maybe play some computer games. BECAUSE I CAN!!!

(ps I’ve been exercising and it hurts a bit and I’m barely eating anything and now my stomach is eating itself but I am SO doing this dieting thing for my health and waistband.)



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