Writing retreat!!!

I’m going on a writing retreat! Yippee!

I’m heading to Noosa for a few days. A one-bedroom apartment by the water on Hastings Street. No excuse for me not to eat well, sleep well, and finish off my discussion chapter. I’ve nearly totally finished one case study, but the problem is I’ve gone well over the word count. Well over. I guess my supervisors, when reading it, can make their assessments of my literature and discussion and whether they think I’m flogging horses unnecessarily, such as in the case of Pat Thomson’s blog post or whether I’m not signposting enough, or whether as a whole it sticks together.

Given I’m deep down in the writing phase again, I can’t actually see what I’m doing from afar, so getting to Noosa is the chance to print out the whole thing and get cracking on those fixes that will remove unnecessary literature or repetitive findings.

At least now all my frontispieces are in place, I’ve followed formatting requirements (except Times New Roman, which is a totally sucky font – who thought that this font which is designed for HEADLINES would be appropriate for the body of the text? And don’t get me started on Arial), my appendices are done and my reference list is looking better and better. If I had to send it in tomorrow, I’d be horrified but I’m almost certain much worse has been submitted.

Currently I’m doing an audition workshop and am teaching all day so I don’t have much time for day study this week, but I have most evenings free. If I can manage to not be exhausted I might actually be able to do some work on this thing.

Writing retreat can’t come round soon enough!



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