Paying off the credit card and other minor victories

While DH is away the mice will play! In an attempt to reduce profligate spending I’ve gone and paid off my credit card. Completely. First time this has been done in 14 years. I don’t normally spend much on it any more, but when we’re overseas I can get a little spendy and my card reflects the travel I’ve done since marrying DH. Now that I have a clean card, though, I’m much less inclined to put stuff on it. If I can’t save for it, I can’t have it.

It’s a minor victory against my addictive self.

In other minor victories, I managed to pass my thesis review (phew!) and am now at the pointy end of PhD work. My review rightly pointed out the many flaws in – of all things – formatting, about which I have to say “bwah ha ha ha ha!”. Because I’m not finished doing the big stuff yet. So even though I’ve added all the frontispieces and appendices in the month since my thesis was submitted for review as a way of keeping working at it, there is no way I’ll be formatting the document with figures and such UNTIL I’ve completely finished all the big literature stuff. Page numbers keep changing (TOCs update pretty well, it must be said) but formatting is the LEAST of my concerns.

Anyway, it’s a minor victory.

Another minor victory is another multi-authored article has been accepted, pending revisions, so that’s another one for the resume.

I still have some major battles ahead of me. I just want the PhD to be over now so I can get on with them! When I say major battles, I really mean minor skirmishes. Like being more pro-active with money and managing it better including organising much overdue Superannuation arrangements. Like doing something with the garden (weed patch). Like painting the house and extending the living areas with a deck. Like finishing off some research projects begun long ago. Like applying for a Churchill or Fulbright to continue my studies in MT. Like buying private health insurance at last. Like going back to the gym and losing the 5 kg that has crept onto my thighs since November last year.

Anyway, back to marking I go…and a slice of sticky bun.


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