And we’re off!

Met with supervisor yesterday. Mostly positive and very productive meeting – they always are, but then I go away and forget what was said because I’ve learned something interesting: I’m a linguistic learner through the read/write medium. I’m also a kinaesthetic learner. So if you TELL me stuff I won’t remember it. I need to write it down.

So, that’s been the problem with my meetings in the past: I’ve written stuff down but if someone speaks to me I just won’t take it in. DH gets a bit annoyed because I forget stuff. But he is an aural learner – he remembers whole conversations including inflections and raised eyebrows, and he is also a visual learner. He likes graphs and pictures. I like ’em too, but it’s fine if I don’t have them. In fact, sometimes they confuse me.

So there you go. Now I know why I forget spoken instructions. I took this interesting quiz yesterday and did it again today:

Each time I took the test I come up with some slightly different results but the general thrust is the same: in learning styles I’m read/write and kinaesthetic.

So that’s why I need to write. I learn through writing and doing.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to reshape/ rewrite my thesis. GAH.


One thought on “And we’re off!

  1. Hey Jess. I totally get it. If someone gives me verbal instructions I don’t hear them or retain the information. My DH gets very frustrated because he’s super aural (as you would expect). For me it’s just “blah blah blah! ”

    I am visual & kinesthetic. Only way I could learn my lines was by writing them out. Life is so much easier when you understand how you learn & process! Lol. I am a feeling kinda gal! Need soft sheets, comfortable living & nice aroma. I’ve been thinking of using a voice recorder …….but forget. I still write apts in my diary. Dxx

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