I love my husband

I really, really do. I’ve had this ongoing minor illness – nothing to really complain about except I feel a bit tired and woozy and have low energy. DH took me away on a writing retreat so that I didn’t have to think about the house or money or being busy, and I was simply there to write!

And write I did. Now I think my Methods chapter is nearly ready. I spent more time on my literature review – such as it is – and just now I sent off nearly my entire thesis to my supervisor for the dreaded OMG discussion on Thursday.

I’m tired and want to stop this now, but I’m a bit off because my literature review is so hideous. Gah. I’m taking about 5 weeks off my private students in June so that I can finish this thing, which will be very bad for the pocket but good for my brain.

Anyhoo, my husband has been feeding me all day and now we’re about to entertain guests so I’d better have a shower and clean up the house before they arrive.

I love my husband. I do, I do.


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