How NOT to do a PhD.

How NOT to do a PhD. Do full time work, that’s how. Full time work that makes one so tired that most of the weekend is spent lying on the couch feeling rather blah.

I’m exhausted, my literature review needs to be completely rewritten and I’ve not even LOOKED at my discussion chapter since I put it down 10 days ago.

Does this surprise me? Nope. Trying to drag myself to the finish line was always going to be like this. Blergh.

At least my discussion chapter lays out pretty clearly the 5 main areas I now need to reshape in my literature review. But I’m also at the point where I feel like I’m 16 again and procrastinating like crazy not doing homework I hate. I don’t have the luxury of putting off my work any more so I’ll be spending most evenings on the couch with my computer trying to make sense of my literature. I think I’ll just completely rewrite it, brand new pages and everything.

I’m grumpy as hell about doing this thing, mainly because I’m a big picture person and I’m being forced to do small picture stuff – editing, rewriting, REFERENCING. Man, I hate doing references. And don’t get me started on EndNote. It’s crap, ok?



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