November is nearly here! And you know what that means: PhD LAND!!!!!!

So, at 8:13am on a Monday morning, at home with the dog and the cat and an unfinished RSME article and the cleaner due today, here I am, ready to reembark on my PhD studies full time. Whoop whoop!

Ok, I AM panicking a little about the lack of funds coming my way through November/December/Jan/Feb, but PhD land is looking SO inviting! And PhD land keeps changing its boundaries so that one minute it is my hot-box studio in Brisbane and the next a lovely beach house in Caloundra. Then it’s a sweet 2 weeks at the beach house in Victoria should I choose to bother my extended family with exhortations for peace and quiet in the busiest time of the year down there on the Great Ocean Road.

Sooooo happy. So, instead of talking about doing it, I’m getting off my sorry blogging arse and just doing it. I may or may not blog regularly about my progress but given that I need to submit my intent to submit documentation in February, it had better be close to completion by then, which means no skiving off and wasting time doing things OTHER than my PhD.

Ciao all!



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