By George I think she did it!

She did it, indeed she did.

I submitted my methods chapter to my supervisor. All 9500 words of it. I feel elated and a bit miserable at the same time. Maybe the misery is the hunger bit. I’m starving and still in my PJs because I thought to myself this morning: “Just sit down and start. It’ll all be over in a bit”. And now, it is.

I will have to wait quite a while for the response because, frankly, I’m not sure I’d respond to me if I took so long to write one chapter, but I’m just happy that it’s one chapter down. That makes 4 good chapter drafts out of 7 completed. And what I mean by good, is that I’m happy enough with them that if they were submitted today I’d be able to hold my head high.

Happy happy joy joy. Plus, DH has written 2 articles that we are submitting with my names on them too, which is a nice little present. And now beloved husband has suggested an antiques centre trawl. He knows me too well!



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