I can’t believe she did it!

Yes. I managed to spend more than 2 hours yesterday on my Methods chapter. I feel slightly better now. Still haven’t taken the dog for a walk (have you SEEN my diary?!), nor have I been to the gym since Sunday night, but hey. Can’t have everything.


My Methods chapter is looking like the gaps are nearly filled. I need to write a quick conclusion, add the missing references, and I’m sending it off to my supervisor this week. 2 months overdue. Way to go, me. It’s not perfect, but that’s the job of my supervisor, to point out those bits that don’t work. It will be nearly 10,000 words long. According to DH who knows lots about this stuff, that seems awfully long for a methods chapter. But I’m just following the advice of Supe. And it’s a qualitative study, requiring (apparently, lots of justification).

Anyhoo. It’s off to work I go now. Perhaps there will be an hour in the middle of the day for me to work on the PhD. Probably not. But a girl can dream.



2 thoughts on “I can’t believe she did it!

  1. Hi Jess, Is this the same blog as ‘The house that Jess built’?? I tried to search for it via wordpress but had no luck. I’ve even googled it. I found lots of ‘the house that JESUS built’ lol!!! I’ve started following this one anyway and look forward to also reading your renovating stories. Keep in Touch.xox

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