Corners of time

I have found a teensy tiny corner of time this morning to work on my Methods Chapter. I’m taking five minutes  out (well, ok, 10) to explain to the world that this is what I intend to do for the next 2.5 hours so that I actually do it. Pinky promise.

In another corner of time, not yet found, is the part where I promise to take my dog for a walk, and to get that exercise I’ve been meaning to do. Now that I’m waking up at sparrow’s (due to some overactive melatonin production from jetlag), I think I can squeeze in an exercise morning tomorrow… wish me luck. It will be brutal.

I’m back at work, and thinking of ways to reduce my workload in my business so that I can finish my PhD and have a real life again. One student quit lessons yesterday, thank goodness – I was just waiting for the chance to let go of that one – and maybe when my adult students go on hiatus I’ll just stop filling in their spaces. Problem is the difference between teaching brain and study brain. Study brain has abruptly shut down and it’s so hard to wake it up again. SO hard. In the meantime, here’s a picture of my dog, Poppy. Who’s adorable. And a bit grotty because instead of lovely lawn in our garden we just have weeds and dirt and she tracks dirt in the house and jumps up on me with soggy paws. Yet other things we have to find corners of time for. Dog training and garden maintenance.



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