The art of apprenticeship.

I’m writing a paper for a conference presentation due later this week and I’ve been giving apprenticeship some thought. My paper argues for a rethink of apprenticeship, particularly the one-to-one music lesson because I think we have conflated the valuable part of apprenticeship – that of learning domain skills from a more experienced person – with the perception that the misuse of power of the “master” overrides and somehow nullifies the achievements of the apprentice.

Well. Don’t confuse misuse of power with domain skill acquisition. That’s my argument in a nutshell.

Anyway, no real time to nut out my idea in this forum: I need to get on and write the bloody paper.

Other minor thoughts for my dieting and health buddies: dieting while travelling is nearly impossible. Exercise is somewhat more possible, but I’m missing my gym work. Did 20 pushups just now and found it a mite difficult. And normally I can squat lots without raising so much as a hair, but nearly got sweaty when I did 40 just now. And forget writing in MyFitnessPal. I’ve given up on trying to do that while travelling. Hideous. Oh well. I’m hoping I’ll be able to amp up the exercise and diet upon my return next week. Will have to. I’ve been eating potato chips and bread and wine with rather too much relish.


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