A room of one’s own with a view.

More than ever, I feel the need for a room of one’s own. Ignoring for a moment the usual feminist rantings that usually follow this statement with “what would Virginia Wolfe know, she was a white, middle-class Englishwoman who had several rooms, and an income which supported her writing in a time when most English couldn’t afford to heat their houses”, I am aware of a need to have a space where I can write, look at stuff, which gives me a VIEW.

I am on the hunt for a perfect study room. A room which is full of books and a comfy couch and a desk and a music corner and probably an open fire-place, and a room that has a wall-length window in it where I can look at the view while I’m writing. Perhaps with the window opening onto a lovely deck that overlooks, oh, I don’t know, the ocean, or a rainforest, or even a pretty back garden.

Why? Because every time I write, I am aware of the interior of my house. My home study/ studio is certainly not ugly, but it has no clear glass in the windows. It has horrible nasty old rattly clouded glass louvre windows. I can’t see out without opening them, which causes noise pollution, and my back is turned away from the window due to the configuration of my desk and room shape. I can’t look up and stare out the window. I want to do this. For peace of mind, tranquility and all things lovely.

Here are some rooms that look nice but aren’t perfect:

home library home_library_furniture home-library-design-idea home-library-interior-design-inspiration

They come pretty close, though. I’m tempted to create a library at our house anyway. Because we need to organise all our many many books; our lounge room could use some more bookcases; and I think wall to ceiling bookcases are perfect. Can’t afford it yet.

On the plus side, my methods chapter looks a little less hideous every day.


2 thoughts on “A room of one’s own with a view.

  1. What lovely rooms to write in…and I understand about the cost of floor to ceiling bookshelves! Good to hear about the methods chapter coming along well!

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