Writing retreats

I’m here, in beautiful, snow-bound Yorkshire, gearing myself up to work on my methods chapter. We’ve been here nearly 2 days now. The cottage is beautiful, the surrounding countryside is beautiful, and the weather is cold and there’s even snow. I’m in heaven.


We arrived at the cottage on Thursday afternoon at 3pm after 30 hours in transit (I went to the gym at Singapore airport – now THAT’S dedication!) and the cleaners hadn’t been through since the last tenants, so I emailed the owner and we went into the local town for some supplies while waiting for the cottage to be cleaned. We ate at the local pub with VERY nice food – I had a spicy pumpkin-based soup and a ploughman’s lunch and DH had a delicious pie – and we were home by 7.00pm. I was in bed by 8.00pm and slept through until 9.00am the following day.

Yesterday we wandered through an old castle, as you do, went to the Aysgarth Falls and grabbed an hilarious lunch at the National Park Centre. Served by the most delightful Yorkshire lady, she gave better service than most restaurants but in an ever so slightly CWA way. The little cafe we went to was just that side of NQR. Poorly designed, it had fridges and the food prep area in entirely the wrong place, and nothing quite worked right. Nevertheless, the food was wonderful. My meal was the most enormous jacket potato with cheese, salad on the side, and DH had a minced corned beef and onion toastie – no cheese. Perfect for the weather and delicious. There goes the diet!



Later, we wandered back into Hawes and I bought some tramping boots as planned (although they are mustard yellow – quite unexpected but kind of Doc Martenish in appearance so therefore cool), and we went to the Creamery, where we bought some lovely Wensleydale cheese and condiments. Home by 6pm, dinner was some spicy pre-made M&S minestrone soup, pate and cheese biccies, and a glass or two of Chianti. On the radio was the Bach St John Passion, and I fell asleep in front of the fire.

Awoke this morning just before dawn to a light snow fall, and now, at 10.00am, am contemplating either some work time or some tramping time, followed by the purchase of more food supplies. Either sound fabulous on this Easter Saturday.


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