Study, much?

Study, much? Or not at all? The latter, I’m afraid. In the week hubby has been away I’ve managed to work a trillion hours in my full-time teaching job, and I’ve finished all those pressing little jobs such as editing a book, finishing some overdue publishing etc, but study? No.

My supervisor asked whether I would have 15 hours a week to devote to study NOT on the weekends. I fibbed and said yes. Because on weekdays I do have a bit of time – about 6 hours – to study. But it’s the weekends that I need for my study and, frankly, after the week’s work, I’m not really capable of coherent thought, let alone targeted, deep thought.

I had a cunning plan to just do one thing per day on my methods chapter, whether that be writing the ethics approval section or the replicability section, because in truth I think each small bit will only take an hour, but after finishing teaching at 9.00pm, then eating after that, I have no heart for it.

So here is my report: I have not done my methods chapter. I have not done my discussion chapter. I am tired, and I just want to buy my money for my trip, do the washing, and watch some TV. I will attempt some study today but in truth the afternoon yawns ahead depressingly full of last minute things to complete before I head to overseas.

Study, much? Not at all. Bring on the writing retreat. Bring it.



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