Today is the start of a new beginning (or ending)

Saw my supervisor yesterday and we concocted a great plan to have me submitting my PhD by the end of the year, possibly earlier. I have 61,000 pretty decent words already written. It was a great meeting and I realised I’m closer to the end than I thought. I have promised 16 hours part-time study a week, but given that my narratives are done, the remaining should be bog standard. (So my DH tells me!)

I have three mostly completed narrative chapters to send out to my participants; I have half a literature review (10000 words down) and I have half a Methods chapter (5000 words down). I have a completed autoethnography and I had begun thinking about my discussion chapter before I gave up that idea in disgust, so at least I’m starting to get a handle on my key themes and findings.

This month I’ve promised to send my supervisor my Methods chapter draft 2; to send out my narratives, and to find out when my Thesis Review is due.

I also have to revise my RSME article (that old one) and finish the Springer book. It’s a big month, given my work commitments and playing with the dog.

But today is the start of the end. This is the final year of my PhD, and I have a deadline. Time to get on with it.




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