The PhD finish line – morphing in every sense.

It’s starting again. The dreaded PhD study. I’m desperate to finish now, and desperate to get away from the thing. I guess the best thing I can do is finish the darned thing so that I can get away from it. The finish line has morphed away from 3 years to 3.5 years to 4.5 and I’m not sure when I or my supervisore will be happy with the final result. Because this is the pointy end. The time when the writing, the research, the finishing off, has to be done in painstaking detail. Minutae of editing, rewriting and positioning.

I’ve sent through my change-in-candidature form, updating my details to “yes, I’m still doing it, but part-time”. I’ve a meeting with the supervisor in a week. I HAD begun work on the thing in January, but children and family matters tend to interrupt January. It’s not a great time for working, even though it looks enticingly long and work free. When I count the days I had on my own throughout from December 12 – January 28, they add up to 5. That’s not enough time to pull together my brain for study fun when I’m just getting over new puppy love, fence building love and  Christmas!

Anyway, no more excuses. Except, can I excuse myself because of other work commitments? Please? Such as an overdue assessment project I’m NOT managing very well? Four papers to write on that to present in Feb, March and April? Overdue chapters for a Springer publication? 2 papers of my own to write for international conferences? And, foolishness on top of madness, an editing job that is running late? Oh! Plus, my teaching commitments (fast rising), and the other stuff I’m doing associated with my job at the Uni?

All excuses. The editing thing will be done this week. My Springer chapter is as good as finished and I’m nearly ready to do the next (DH has to take SOME responsibility for this too!). The Assessment project needs to be done, done, done, so that’s the main competing brain work. Otherwise, I’m getting there with completions of work. And the PhD sits, looming over them all.

LOOMING. I’ve been reading some posts by Happy September and other PhD bloggers and they ALL feel the same. That’s small comfort. Pat Thompson also wrote a great blog about Methods Chapters which I’m going to take to heart so that when I reshape my methods chapter it won’t be as crap as it currently is. And when I’m done, WHEN I’M DONE, I’m taking a big, long holiday from thinking and writing.

Wish me luck. (At least I’m fit and healthy and slim now.)


2 thoughts on “The PhD finish line – morphing in every sense.

  1. Great post. I’m around that point myself. Hopefully there’s something to that idea that the best way to escape the madness is just to write the thing and get it over with. I’m about to meet with my committee chair at the moment to show him how little I’ve accomplished on my writing this January (after promising the moon, of course). Best of luck to you!

    1. Thanks! I have to create a “map” of where I’m at so my supe can see what I’ve NOT done over the last 8 months or so. Fun: not. And the stress levels just went up by 150% on Friday. Urgh!

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