Love, puppies and fences. And exercise.

New fence, new puppy, new love. DH and I are truly, madly, deeply in love with our new puppy, Poppy. She is a beauty. A sweet, funny, happy little black ball of fluff who pees EVERYWHERE and is clearly not house trained, who doesn’t really like the kibble we’ve been informed she eats, and who follows us about, wanting to spend time with us. The house reeks of dog again, and I can’t wait to wash the floor. I’m waiting until the worst of the peeing is over. At present she can’t get out of the house (she can’t climb down stairs), so we have a bit more house training to do before she controls her piddling, pooing habits.

And the fence is coming along beautifully, but we’re still waiting on a gate. Argh!

In other news, I went to my first circuit session after the Christmas break yesterday and it felt fine. Actually, I felt so good that I wondered what I had done differently to give me such pep in my shoes and feelings of power. Then I realised. I had eaten breakfast. Not just my normal bacon and egg brekky, or my muesli and yoghurt one, but my muesli and yoghurt brekky with a BANANA. I had so much energy at the end of the 45 minute session I felt I could have gone on for another 20 minutes and I was pushing myself harder than normal. Usually I feel dead by the end of the circuit class, but yesterday I felt strong! This is a powerful reminder to me that I need to eat a hearty breakfast before any exercise and that bananas are not bad things to eat, m’kay?

I’ve been going to my regular PT sessions (3 catch ups in 7 days, wow!) since getting back from Christmas break, but it has been too hot to do much else – 35 degrees Celsius on many days. Running around in that heat just hurts. So we’ve been painting the fence in that heat, instead. I’ve been very naughty this year and have been drinking a couple of glasses of wine per night, but the weight loss has stayed steady. I’m hoping that my next weigh-in I’ll have lost another 500grams, but considering I’ve not really worked hard since December, I won’t be too disappointed if I’ve not lost anything more. It’s hard to maintain a 1300 calorie diet when one has family and friends to stay! I’ve eased up on the food just a bit, allowing myself the occasional chips or bread wrap every few days, and maintaining a 1500 calorie diet pretty easily. I’m still not eating many sweet things but I did have some fruit recently. It was delicious. The idea of my weight loss has been to get to a good stage physically, so I feel fit, healthy and attractive, and then to maintain the weight and strength over time. This means keeping an eye on my calorie intake and not going crazy with food by eating second helpings or lots of dessert.

I’m getting stronger and faster by the day, with more stamina. I’m still not great on the weights, but I’m lifting as much as I can, I’m not fatiguing as easily, and it’s showing in my increased speed and endurance in all my activities. My poor son, visiting from Melbourne, has been miserable in this heat, while I have learned to love it. Summer is a bitch here in QLD, but when I exercise through the heat and lose weight and feel strong, then the heat just doesn’t sap me the way it used to. Another good thing: all my clothes are swimming on me now. When I moved to QLD my weight quickly ballooned to more than 70kgs, and all the clothes I bought were for a fatter me. Now, below 65 kgs, nothing I bought in the last 5 years fits any more. And I’m not one of those people for whom fat clothes on a skinny person makes me look thin and interesting. I just look fat. Still, I’m looking forward to improving my wardrobe. And I have some dresses I can wear again that are a size 10 (size 8 US). I remember being size 8 for many years and I’m looking forward to being that again. Give me three months.


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