The Weight Loss End is in sight!

At my second gym session for the year this morning, I felt reasonably strong and well, and upon weighing myself I saw I had lost 1.4 kgs since the 18th December. That’s 20 lbs lost in total so far. I’m feeling good! I now weigh 65.8kgs (145lbs) and am well on the way to reaching my goal weight of 59 kgs (130lbs). This next week will be a bit hairy with all the work going on at the house, including me painting the lower front exterior (it takes FOREVER), so I’ve begged off the cardio exercise, but I’m keeping with the 3 early morning boxing, circuit and PT sessions. Boxing and circuit give me great cardio anyway because we’re made to do Burpees and Mountain climbs and sprints, plus ab crunches, star jumps and lunges. Finish it all off with a Sunday Yoga session and swim and I’m well on the way to maintaining four workouts a week as part of my regular routine.

When I say the End, what I really mean is that I will be in maintenance mode thereafter, and can relax the rigidity of my obsession to get fit and lose weight. I’ve returned to my quite calorie restricted diet and am so happy to be off the booze and the oh-so-sweet things, although I confess I’ve cheated every day with 2 squares of chocolate and a light, low-carb beer. (House painting is very thirsty work.) What I have noticed, though, is that I am maintaining much smaller portions of everything and I’m not going back for seconds. And this is good. It means I’ve permanently changed the way I eat, and I am controlling my calorific intake without pain and suffering to me or other small beasties.

And I don’t feel as hot in this hot, sticky, humid climate. Yay! A Christmas success story, just for a change.



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