Money woes – I blame the dog.

Well, ok, we don’t have any REAL money woes. Not the sort of woes where we have to survive on $2 a day or anything. We don’t even have the OMG can we pay the mortgage this month woes. Our money woes are strictly of the I’ve-spent-too-much-money-on-the-credit-card sort, and it’s the time of year where I’m not earning an income, therefore no real way to pay it all off. I went into financial meltdown today.

So what did we spend the (imaginary) money on, I hear you ask, desultorily, because, let’s face it, no-one really cares about the financial woes of people who have the highest standard of living ON EARTH. Oh, pish. You want to know.

Well, it all started with a dog. This one. (Isn’t she the cutest little thing you ever saw!!!)


It’s all her fault. We decided we needed to have a dog to complement and complete our family. Which meant we needed to do something about the fence situation. Which meant that we had to spend a squillion dollars on a new fence. During my fallow period where I’m not earning a sou or brass razoo. So we’re now dealing with the excitement that follows a rash, impulse purchase situation, and very little spare money with which to fund such a purchase. Factor in Christmas, 2 sets of school fees, a new sofa bed, anniversary dinner and overnight fancy shmancy hotel stay, an unexpected school uniform purchase, new glasses, ASIC and accountant fees, rates, electricity, phone and water bills, dog crate and the like, and you’ll see why I went into financial meltdown today.

Fence building in and of itself is not a very hard business. You see a fence line, you build a fence. Simple, right? Wrong. You have to CLEAR the fence line first. You then have to clear the site of the detritus you collected. So alongside paying the fence dude, you also have to pay the back hoe dude, the skip dude, and even the tree lopper dude if you have annoying, pesky trees in the way. Every dude costs money, even if the cost of the skip and back hoe dudes have been factored into the fence costs. Because one always finds ways to increase one’s requirements. Such as clearing the back yard. Or replacing some rotten battens on the side of the house. Or taking away the annoying concrete garden beds. Or removing a dozen dangerous pest trees. Or just deciding that, really, one loves a moonscape in the back yard and one must repeat same in the front. SIGH.

So here are some pictures of the house before and after fence and tree loppers have been through, and before the front fence is finished. This is the small fortune we’ve spent for our lovely, verdant yard to go from this:



To this:


IMG_1666 IMG_1667

Erp. And the back looks even more moonscaped. Money, it appears, buys destruction to living things. Even though these living things include camphor laurel and chinese elm trees, 2 of the most pernicious and annoying trees on the planet. It is said that camphor laurel is a good tree to grow and regenerate desert.


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