I reached my goal weight for Christmas!

Woah, I’m halfway there, woah, living on a prayer… (and sit ups, and bench presses, and circuit, and boxing classes and no bread or sugar). Down 1.5 kilos since my last weigh-in and now sitting at 67 kilos (148 lbs) overall.

I’ve lost 8 kilos since I started my health regime and I’m feeling really fit and healthy. I’m the sort of person who when they go, they go hard, so this health regime has really been working out for me. I hate raising my heart rate, I have to admit, but I’m finding ways to endure new forms of torture in order to get my healthy body back! Swimming has helped a lot.

This week I’ve been relaxing my diet and exercise regime just a little, because my DH got a great promotion and it’s nearly Christmas, so we have a thousand parties to attend. I drank a glass of champagne last night, and had a piece of fruit cake. The other day I ate 4 pieces of dark chocolate. I’ve been drinking red wine quite regularly. But it’s all working out really well. I’m loving the new (old) me.

Here’s how getting fit and healthy have helped me.

  1. I no longer feel like I’m getting frumpy and middle-aged.
  2. I fit into size 8 – 10 clothes again.
  3. I feel more attractive and youthful.
  4. I feel faster and more powerful, both in mind and body.
  5. I’m not getting as overheated as I used to during our hot summers.
  6. I feel like I’m contributing to a healthier old age, with all the weight work helping avert any age-related osteoporosis.
  7. My brain is working better.
  8. I’m feeling like working out is not a “reward” for doing my PhD anymore; it’s a necessity to finishing it.
  9. I’m being more careful and circumspect about my food choices, and eating less, and more healthily too.
  10. I don’t miss sugar or bread at all.

I don’t know how anyone else feels about their weight loss, but I feel that when I lose weight, I go to bed one night and wake up, and there it is, gone. I wake up feeling lighter and thinner than the previous evening. I don’t have any scales, so I can’t weigh myself – I can only go on what clothes fit or don’t fit this week. Anyway, a telling litmus test was that I rummaged around in the cupboard last week, and found a size 12 cotton golf skirt I’d not worn for a couple of years. I tried it on, and it fit beautifully. So I ironed it, wore it and then it went in the wash. Well, I wanted to wear it last night. I ironed it and put it on. It was too big. By far. Now that’s only 1.5 kilos difference. But for some reason yesterday I woke up and just felt: smaller. My thighs felt smaller. My KNEES felt smaller. There’s more definition in my body overall and I can see beyond the back fat now.

I’ve lower than the wedding weight. My BMI is 24.4 and falling. And that’s a great feeling. I’m now at the weight I was 8 years ago when I decided I needed to lose 7 kilos.

60 kilos: here I come!


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