DH does NOT mean Dick Head.

So, DH, which stands for Darling Husband, does NOT mean dick head. A bit too much toilet-graffiti-watching for my taste. Apparently every time my DH reads one of my posts, he thinks I’m calling him dick head. He told me this just now. Hmm. I worry about what he thinks I think of him. Well. I MIGHT get slightly irritated by a few small “mere male” type activities he indulges in, including poor dishwasher washing, mixing coloureds with the white clothes, failing miserably in the finance department and generally being unable to wipe down a kitchen bench, but these are hardly reasons to be calling him dick head.

I think if I started to call my DH dick head I would need to ask myself some very hard questions about how much I respected and loved my husband. And I must say I respect and love him very much. Good things about my husband? He makes me laugh, every day, sometimes a lot. He loves and respects me. We talk a lot. Together. He is my best friend and closest confidante. He makes me better than I am on my own. We like to hang out together. We are intellectual equals (pygmy puppies together). He believes in God and I do not, but that dichotomy is a good thing. We have similar but not identical interests, and I am happier with him than without. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being alone (aka single) – did it for years. But marriage to my man is AWESOME.

Anyhoo, he just got a pretty impressive promotion. And I’m proud as punch for my DH.


One thought on “DH does NOT mean Dick Head.

  1. Jess I have a DH too. Tell your DH that we are enormously proud & have the highest regard for him. Well done DH. And I am enormously proud of my DH too for no particular reason other than he is awesome & he makes my world a better place.

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