High protein, low carb breakfast ideas: NOT!

Bailey-the-trainer has rather sneakily put me on a Paleo-inspired diet. I know this because when I told him I was eating no-fruit-wholegrain-natural-muesli he nearly choked. And then told me not to. So I, rather narkily, said “and what am I supposed to eat instead?” I’m getting a bit sick of scrambled eggs, which is my other go-to breakfast idea. I’m not much of a fan of breakfast anyway.

So now I’m stuck with scrambled eggs and whatever added extra I fancy. Such as avocado, smoked salmon, bacon or low fat ham. I’ve looked up low carb breakfast ideas and they all nominate variations on a theme. Eggs, every which way. Frittata. Check. Omelette. Check. Spanish baked eggs. Check. I want food I can eat in a hurry and that I don’t have to spend 30 minutes preparing – I’m busy here! The other ingredient is dairy. Fat free yoghurt. Check. That’s what I add to my muesli. Don’t tell me cottage cheese. I’m not eating a tub of cottage cheese without any texture, flavour or any redeeming features. Someone will suggest tofu food. No. Just no. Has anyone noticed that low carb food seems to be low texture food too? And don’t get me started about nuts. I eat nuts all the time. Leave me alone on the nuts.

I WOULD eat a smoothie except I have been told not to eat fruit or sugar products. Which leaves me with a yoghurt and milk shake. (No, I’m NOT going to add spirulina or lecithin or grits or any of those hideous things that make food taste like crap.)

Giving me the irrits, it is. On the plus side, I went to the gym for my morning madness on Tuesday and couldn’t be bothered weighing myself. I THINK that’s a good thing. I’m getting thinner – belts are in yet another notch, and I seem to be adapting to normal exercise routines quite nicely, although I begged off this morning because I’m waiting for the skip to arrive so we can put stuff in it for the fence work due to begin Monday. And that’s exercise, too.

I’ve checked all my low carb recipe books for breakfast ideas and they are relentlessly useless. I may have to rebel and make some sweetcorn fritters with bacon and maple syrup just for a yummy salty, sweet, crunchy, soft change to my normal diet. URGH!


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