Losing the will… and one’s supervisors.

A 30 second catch up with my principal PhD supervisor yesterday revealed that she will be out of the state ALL YEAR on study leave. That’s two supervisors down, none to go. Apart from being rather devastated, I’m actually now in a tricky position. I am supposed to start up my full time PhD studies again in February, with my thesis review due in April. Final submission is slated for sometime in July.

I’m not sure how I can do this when both of my supervisors are not available. My associate supervisor is moving back interstate, and to be honest I don’t really expect to continue with her as the work we did will no longer be included in my thesis – I’m saving it for some separate articles. I did a quite nice survey but I need some statistics help and I’ve not had any yet.

My principal supervisor will be interstate, as mentioned, and while it would be lovely for me to have a few writing retreats in lovely rural back-o’-beyond where she resides, I’m not entirely sure it’s going to work for me, given my work commitments. My biggest break is right now, actually. And I don’t wanna write. I wanna paint the house. And spend money.

Time to talk to the new Dean of Arts. Oh, that’s right. There is none at present – they are in the middle of hiring someone. When I heard the news re my principal supervisor, I wanted to weep. I sensibly blamed that on lack of food. I went home and ate something. I felt better. Now, of course, as 2013 yawns ahead, I’m worried again. Not so depressed – but I may have to take a drastic course of action if I am to get my PhD back on track for 2013. Maybe I will have to change institutions! Not my preference, of course. I have a weird sense of loyalty to my institution. After all, they’ve provided me with a lovely office space, they gave me money to purchase a computer so I could write the darn thesis and have provided a reasonable amount of training and support throughout my candidature. But this next step is crucial.

What do I do now? (Well ok, NOW I’m going to open my long neglected thesis and see what needs to be done.)

Later… my very good friend R has just rung me up, given me a much needed kick up the backside, and told me to stop self-sabotaging and just write the bloody thing. Ok, R. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Losing the will… and one’s supervisors.

    1. Hey Shaun! Good thesis? Crap, more like. I’ll have a look at your book – looks interesting! And the one woman musical: need to finish the PhD first! But it’s still there in my brain somewhere, itching to come out.

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