Things I can do in December.

I can lose .5 kilo in a week – that’s 1 lb for imperial measures. I can chest press 45 kgs – I jumped up 7.5 kgs in a week. I can dumbbell press 10kg free weights and they feel easy now. I can do stupid amounts of crunches and abdominal work. I can do 20 push-ups without feeling tired. I can swim 1km and this week I ran for 20 minutes without stopping (well, ok, I interspersed 4 minute runs with walking fast until I reached 20 minutes, and that was a 3 km run). I can cycle for 20 minutes non stop and I can still leg press 160kgs.

I’ve now dropped to 68.6kgs and this weight is feeling good! I’ll feel even better when it’s 60 kgs, but I think the last 7 kilos are going to be very difficult to shift. The reason? I think it’s hormones. Taking any form of hormonal contraception adds kilos to my frame in just a few months, and don’t tell me to use alternate forms of contraceptive – this IS the alternate form, and they are better for my health and well being. I’ll just have to weigh up the pros and cons of being thin vs being better off with the contraceptive I’m on, and consider the options. Hormones are rarely considered in the weight-loss paradigm, so it’s hard to find anyone who has had the same experience as me, and for it not to be purely anecdotal.

Bailey-the-trainer measured me today and I caught a glimpse of my body fat percentage from 8 weeks ago: it was 40%!!!! This is seriously unhealthy, and I’m so glad I’ve chosen to do this health regime and improve my health and fitness. The online BMI app that I use with MyFitnessPal tells me that my BMI is now 24.9%, which is just in the healthy range, and I’m looking forward to getting that down to 21%. I’ve now reduced my BMR so that I eat less than 1300 calories per day – it’s pretty easy to drop it, and I was nearly there anyway.

And I’ve lost 6 cms off my thighs, my waist, and my upper body. Nothing off my arms, apparently, but I can see the improved shape of them and I definitely fit better into clothes that were getting a little tight around the arm. And of course, no cms off my calves, but I’m not surprised. I look fitter, though. And I’ve dropped a dress size.

So, 14lbs lost (or 6.5kgs) and I’ve reached my target weight for December. Yay! And I feel stupid-cheerful, healthy and happy.



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