That terrible limbo between clothes sizes

So, all my size 12 clothes are falling off me now. Maybe not literally. I mean, I have to hold up my pants with a belt and a tug, but hey! They’re mostly still working. Hmm. Yet, I’m not at the point where I’m ready to buy a whole new wardrobe. For one, I can’t afford it. And for two, I’m waiting until my size is at the little end of my weight loss. Which means, for now, all my clothes will have to do until next March.

This is very annoying. All my bras are too big! What does one do with DD cup bras when one has miraculously become a C cup? And my trousers are all looking rather shapeless, as my legs must have been not so long ago. Shirts – well, luckily my t-shirts just look neater. I’m just not showing the rolls of fat I was a month ago. Phew.

But this is actually a serious conundrum. I’ve not really kept any of my “thin” clothes, because I’d decided (about 6 months ago) that I was entering middle-aged frump and so best to get rid of them all. Besides, most of them were winter clothes for another, colder climate, and quite out of date, fashion-wise. They had been well worn, too. Off to the charity bin they went.

But here I am now, slap bang in the middle of my weight loss and health regime kick, 6 kilos down and 9 to go, wondering what to do about my wardrobe! Replacement bras are the most urgent item because without a well fitting bra one’s puppies run a bit wild and free. Escaping out of the backyard, so to speak. But I have quite a few regularly worn cocktail dresses bought in the last 3 years that will soon become too large. Argh.

Maybe I should go to Zara and pick up some cheap and cheerful fashion clothes to last me the summer? Maybe that’s the best idea yet. I mean, I don’t really need an excuse to go shopping, but unfortunately because we’ve decided to build a FENCE and buy a DOG, we need to count the pennies. And a clothes buying expedition just don’t cut it. Except for the bras. The sad thing is, I’d basically stopped buying fashion clothes because they just didn’t work on me, so I found a day “uniform” that I quite like (long capri style pants/jeans and stripy tops) and was content with that. Now, though, I see light at the end of the tunnel and I’m reminded that I disliked my body bits BEFORE the weight gain anyway. Sigh.

Still, planning my new wardrobe (if not the space to hang it in) will be FUN. Eventually.


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