And another thing… bird watching.

Lately I’ve taken to watching birds in my back yard. There are several types: the large ones include ibis and scrub turkeys (we’re in a heavily suburban city, who knew?). The smaller ones include crows, kookaburras, myna birds, magpies, occasional pigeons, sparrows and other small birds, rosellas and other parrots, and this bird. Which I think is a butcherbird.

Here’s a terribly grainy and useless pic, taken at dusk:

Anyway, there’s a family of them. Some eat out of my hand.

The magpies have also taken to hanging around waiting for food. Because an idiot gave them some meat scraps once. One has a shortened beak – probably an accident, so it’s hoping for an easy meal. Its cute little tongue hangs out and it takes food out of my hand in the most gentle way and looks at me curiously. The joy at having this sort of wildlife around is indescribable. Although I’m told I probably shouldn’t feed the birds. Butcherbirds and magpies have what I think are the most beautiful bird calls ever. So I like them hanging around with me. I like the intelligence of these birds. They’re interesting, funny, and cool. Although the crows are the smartest of all. They GATHER the scraps, and wait on the hills hoist until I’m out of reach, looking at me all the while. Just taking their time. I do feed the other vegetarian birds from time to time. Seeds and old grain bread, tossed down from the verandah, gone by the next day.

Lucy the slutty cat hasn’t noticed there are birds about. The birds don’t seem to care.


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