Go Jessie, go Jessie, go Jessie!

And announcing….dramatic drum roll please: another kilo has bitten the dust! Vanished into thin air! Returned to the ether! I am now in the 69er club (that’s the club where I’m no longer 70 kgs). Only 9 kilos to go – that’s about 20 lbs for those non-metric readers.

You know the last blog where I worried about the weigh-in? Well, I sat firmly on 69.1 kgs this morning – and that teensy 100 grams added to the 69 was breakfast. I’ve lost all of the overseas trips now including the Honeymoon; I’m fast heading to the wedding day weight, which is next week’s goal.

After a very sensible week of no drink, very boring food and calorie counting like crazy, YAY ME! My goal for pre-Xmas was to lose 8 kilos, and now I only have to lose 2 kgs to reach that goal, and a month to do it in – I’m hoping I can get to 66 before I do the Xmas thing.

How have I done it, you ask? Well, my body type is classic mesomorph, which means I gain weight evenly across my whole body, my bones are strong and my muscles are strong and respond well to exercise. In other words, my body likes to be athletic and I have an athletic build under all the fat bits. This means it’s quite easy for me to lose weight, as long as I exercise regularly and eat sensibly. I feel for those endomorphs whose bodies tend towards retaining fat – mind you, I wasn’t sure whether my age would be a factor in my ability to lose weight. It seems not.

So, for all those frumpy old, haggard mesomorphs out there like me carrying some extra weight: you can do it! You can lose weight and get fit! And your body will be saying thank you thank you thank you for each workout, each swim in the pool, each yoga session! (Sorry, still high from my weigh-in.)

For those interested in my diet: it’s a wee bit boring, but I’m trying to ramp up the yummy Thai salads and stir fries so that I don’t get despondent. So: two or three types of breakfast. 1 is non-fruit natural muesli and Jalna fat-free natural yoghurt with a sprinkling of honey, the other brekkies usually involve eggs, whether it be 2 scrambled eggs with a 4-grain slice of toast and avocado, or a 2 egg omelette with 25g ham, mushroom and tomato and a grating of parmesan cheese, or 2 fried eggs (in 5g butter) with a thin slice of bacon (fat trimmed). Coffee is 2 x 100ml of freshly ground Merlo espresso. Surprisingly, if I cook it myself and am totally truthful about the ingredients, all of these brekkie options top out at about 320 calories.

If I have time or remember, my mid-morning snack is either a boiled egg and piece of grain toast (not if I’ve already eaten eggs though!), or nuts, or a protein shake with water. Tempted to make a yoghurt smoothie but I’ve been warned off all fruit. Ok, says I, glumly.

Lunch is a tuna or salmon salad. Lots of greens, small can of tuna in oil which I half drain, and then add the oil plus lemon juice to the salad. I usually add nuts such as slivered almonds for added crunch and calories otherwise it’s not enough.

Mid afternoon snack: well, here’s where I struggle. Protein shake is the easiest thing, nuts if I’ve already had a shake, but I’m so bored with food by this time I just get grumpy and hungry. I’ve been known to eat some cheese or olives and ham and pickles, just to meet my calorie count.

And dinner is almost anything minus white carbs. Although last night I had 2 tiny white potatoes with my salad Nicoise and it was good! I make nearly all my own food, with the possible exception of a half decent Thai beef salad that our local Thai take away sells. Stir fries, pasta sauces over cauliflower and broccoli, meat and three (or four, or five) veg, all are good. I’m eating lots more fish and lots less red meat. Chicken is also good and I make all sorts of great food with that. The main thing to remember is if I’m eating a classic bbq, not to go for the potatoes, but instead eat the green or 3 bean salad.

Now, you may have noticed absences here: no sugar, no fruit, no rice, no wheat products, no potato, no little snackies, no chips, no lollies, no DESSERT, no CHOCOLATE, no ALCOHOL. It’s difficult and I may have to ease up a little as I approach Xmas, but it’s working, for now.

So there you have it. Another week gone, another kilo down, goal weight on target! And now, time to feed the greedy Magpies.


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