Nervously awaiting the weigh-in…

I’ve been such a good health bunny this week, except for two incidents. The first was a mega-sized seafood platter when SH (smashing hubby) and I went out on date night, which not only encroached on my boxing class, but also the platter was mostly DEEP FRIED WHICH WAS NOT ADVERTISED ON THE MENU. What do you do with that information? So I madly counted calories as I ate the lovely seafood, trying not to look too closely at the deep-fried-ness of it all. I ate until I was mildly full, which is not hard these days, but still came up over my daily calorie count, due to the deep-fried-ness of the food. Not happy Jan. It was a really lovely meal, though, except I had NO WINE and their poxy attempt at salad was about 30 grams of lettuce leaves coated thickly in a vinaigrette. I should have had the trout fillet.

The next incident was the sleeping in one – not going to my circuit class made me feel shlumpy. But I made up for it with yoga and a good swim on Sunday, including, for the first time, some freestyle. Freestyle stroke is not hard for me to do, but I get puffed very easily, and tend to panic a bit towards the end of each lap. I managed four laps in between my more leisurely and easy breaststroke, and I’m aiming to do 100 metres without stopping.

I’ve had trouble attending all my classes this week – life tends to get in the way a bit, but I still feel remarkably slim and fit. My yoga class felt surprisingly easy, and when I put my bathing cozzie on, my word I looked slimmer and I could see muscles on my arms and back! And I’ve not had a single alcoholic beverage this week (cue: applause).

One thing I have noticed is I’ve formed attachments (possibly unhealthy) to people I see as fit and healthy Australian icons – one of these is celebrity trainer Michelle Bridges, despite her botoxed face. She is the same age as me, and I feel that if she can look fit and slim at our age, then so can I. Would prefer to idolise someone rather less celebrity, if I can manage it, but not sure who! And her recipes are really great. Unlike celebrity Australian chef Pete Evans, whose diet sounds appalling. Full of “activated almonds” and the like. He makes this smoothie out of all sorts of whole grains and spirulina and frankly I’d rather be fat than eat that crap. Jamie Oliver is coming up with some quick and easy menus which are relatively low in calories, and with minor tweaks these could work nicely too.

Things to note: 1/ I am finally getting very tired at night. 2/ I’m STILL struggling to fit in that 2nd snack. 3/ I’m really enjoying the exercise! 4/ I’m getting a bit sick of nuts but they’re easy to tuck into my handbag. 5/ I miss my wine a little bit but not as much as I love my lack of “muffin-top”, 6/ I miss sweet things such as toasted raspberry and pear bread. And chocolate. 7/ My brain is feeling faster. 8/My cheekbones have reappeared and SH commented that I look like the girl he married (cue: awwww). That was only 5 years ago, honey! 8/ I’m a bit sick of salad and fish, but haven’t really thought about what I could cook instead.

So, the weigh-in: I’m nervous because I can visibly SEE results, parts of me are thinner and my clothes are definitely falling off me, but I really want to be under the 70kg mark this week! And it gets harder to lose weight the closer one is to one’s goal weight. So. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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