Argh! Slept in!

Didn’t get to the gym today – slept in and even though the class started at 8.00am I just didn’t think I could dash out at 7.55am and make the class in time. So I didn’t. But now I feel shlumpy. Went for a long walk around a shopping centre and a walk around the block this evening but it doesn’t make up for the blobby feeling, despite my pants feeling loose on me and my tummy going away.

Not only that, but when we went to buy lunch at a local cafe chain, their advertised calorie count for their Spanish omelette was nearly 900 calories! I couldn’t for the life of me work out how this could happen: there was maybe 30g of chorizo, 50g of potato and very little cheese, and it was clearly only a small 2 egg omelette. There was no bread or any other carbs. I ate only half, but then felt rather weak and slightly grumpy until dinner because I just hadn’t had enough to eat, and there was nothing else on the menu that looked remotely nice or didn’t come with acres of bread. If they are right (and their advertised kj count for wines looks right) then I can’t even have a simple omelette when out and about.

So I made up for it at dinner with a divine home cooked meal of pan-fried salmon fillet and rocket salad, plus asparagus and beans. Immediately felt better on this peculiar, stormy Brisbane day, with its high humidity and high rainfall and strange, dark sky. When it rains here, it really rains. And tomorrow I’m going to yoga, then for a swim. I promise.


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